rundum mier rounded garage doors
About Rundum Meir

Rundum Meir Original Garage Doors effortlessly combine stunning aesthetics with premium functionality, in a truly bespoke and distinctive garage door design. A real statement piece for any high-end residential or commercial property.

Exuding sophistication and with unprecedented design options, they complement any architectural styles and features. We are able to help you integrate a Rundum Meir Original Garage Door seamlessly into your project with highly skilled, competent design solutions.

Project Information
  • Automation Including For Our Curved Side Sliding Timber Doors
  • Graceful Curves And Captivating Aesthetics
  • Integration With Facades
  • Solutions For Wide And Tall Openings
  • Arched Designs With Optional Glazing
  • Integrated Pedestrian Access, Operated Electronically Or Manually
  • Hand Crafted Timber

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